New Kick-Off Mode Gives FIFA 19 that Necessary Shake-Up

EA Sports release a new FIFA game each year. Madden NFL too. Beyond updated team rosters and the highest online player count, there’s not always a great deal of new content to entice players to purchase the latest sports title. Thankfully, FIFA 19 is receiving a stack of new arcade-like modes and enhancements to shake-up that core football gameplay.

The new Survival Mode is the big one. Each time you score a goal, the opposition loses a player and vice versa. This continues until a maximum of 4 players are removed from a team forcing the auto forfeit rule when a team drops below 8 players.

Long Range mode adds new scoring rules similar to basketball. Any goal scored inside the box will count as one goal, but goals scored from outside the box count as two goals. Headers & Volleys mode is exactly what it sounds like. Players can only score goals from headers or a volley. Free kicks and penalties also count.

Featured Cup Finals offers a handful of real-life cup finals, including the Champions League Final, Europa League Final, FA Cup Final, among others. Official kits, badges, match balls, and authentic broadcast overlays add to the authenticity. No Rules sounds like a fun one. Chaos reigns in this match type, where anything goes. There are no offside calls, fouls, or bookings. The new modes all fall under the Kick-Off heading.

FIFA 19’s new modes don’t reinvent the wheel but should offer enough new content for returning players and appeal to fans of more casual sports titles like Rocket League and NBA Jam.

fifa 19 ultimate team

In the way of enhancements, FIFA 19 sees the launch of a new dedicated stat tracking and statistics system available via an online ID that you can take with you wherever they play.

The Division Rivals feature offers a new way to play FIFA Ultimate Team, replacing Online Seasons. Players can discover their place in the FUT community competing against others players in the same Division to earn a selection of weekly rewards.

EA Sports also scored the license for the UEFA Champions League which is integrated into all modes. Also, anyone who enjoyed The Journey, the story mode from FIFA 18 will be happy to know it continues in FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 is available on all platforms from September 25.

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