Finally: A Super Mario Theme Park is in The Works

Humanity has been spoiled for choice when it comes to theme parks, really: at least when compared to every other species on Earth, none of whom have theme parks unless we take a very generous view of beaver dams. We have theme parks devoted to Disney, to Warner Bros, to Asterix and to Dolly Parton.

But there’s always been a gap in our theme park canon, one that is apparently soon to be filled, as leaked documents have revealed that a new theme park called Universal’s Fantastic Worlds will have a section devoted entirely to the world of Mario.

Comcast’s concept for Fantastic Worlds will include a number of themes, potentially including classic monsters, Jurassic Park and Dreamworks, but what is getting hearts thumping around the world is the possibility that within our lifetime we will see Super Nintendo World.

Leaked concept art reveals design elements of the new theme park.

While the leaked documents indicate that Super Nintendo World will be coming to Orlando, America’s theme park capital, there is already a Super Nintendo World under construction in, appropriately enough, Japan.

The trailer for Osaka’s Super Nintendo World shows Mario entering through a green pipe – visitors will then presumably get the chance to collect giant gold coins and murder tortoises by the dozen.

What exactly will Super Nintendo World consist of? To speculate is thrilling. Fighting an animatronic Bowser? Racing Peach and Yoshi in real-life Mario Kart? Performing basic plumbing tasks?

We can’t wait to find out.