Go Gold with BRIKK PS4 Lux Dualshock 4 Controller

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to the extreme. For a gamer, that would mean picking up a BRIKK Gold PS4 Lux Dualshock 4 Controller.

brikk ps4 lux dualshock 4 top view

The Controller is not referred to as “gold” because it sets the standard—although it does an amazing job of fulfilling all its functions. No, it’s referred to as “gold” because it is actually coated in 24 karat yellow gold (don’t worry about rubbing off that precious ore, the gold is covered in a triple layer of DLC protective clear veneer).

Aside from the gold covering, the controller also features a playstation button made from solid 18 karat gold and seven perfect diamonds of F/G colour and clarity, totalling 0.25 carats. The buttons all come from the original Sony JDM-055 model controller, unless you opt for the deluxe version, which features nine solid 18 karat gold button (the “PlayStation” button, the four directional buttons, and the triangle, circle, X, and square buttons).

Each of the buttons on the deluxe version are also studded with genuine conflict free diamonds with an F/G colour and clarity that totals 2.20 carats.

brikk ps4 lux dualshock 4 side view

You can take things even a step further with customisable options like coating the controller in platinum, rose gold, black rhodium, or rainbow titanium. The buttons can also be made of titanium, carbon, zinc, or magnesium. Then there’s also the option of higher grade diamonds and alternative gems. You can also adjust the height of the sticks and the trigger stops.

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brikk ps4 lux dualshock 4 handler

brikk ps4 lux dualshock 4 usb port

brikk ps4 lux dualshock 4 bottom view

gold ps4 controller in case