Gyro is the World’s Smallest Spinning Top

Gyro is the world’s smallest spinning top precision-machined to give you a playfully subtle way to elevate your desk or workspace. Gyro is tiny. We’re talking ¾ of an inch (19.5mm) and smaller than a US 1 cent coin, which is one of the smallest coins currently circulating. Whether residing upon a desktop or carrying in a pocket to spin on every smooth surface known to man, Gyro is a stylish way for grown men to play with toys at work.

Gyro is the epitome of mathematic precision. The top is accurately milled down to the manometer with perfect geometry for an effortless spin. This mini gem is available in two materials: aerospace-grade steel and naval grade brass. It can also spin on its bottom for a unique inverted spin.

The world’s smallest spinning top comes from Marlboro & Kane, a London-based firm with a mission to upgrade everyday carry items and if possible, shrink them done to a record-breaking size. M&K had previously come to our attention with their sleek and subtle Claw, which is described as the world’s smallest multitool.

M&K is funding the Gyro on Kickstarter where you can lock one in for the early bird price of US $19 or around $30 AUD. Gyro is available with free shipping worldwide and is expected to begin shipping out in May 2020. So it’s only a matter of time before your spinning right round baby right round – see what I did there?

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