Hasbro’s “Monopoly For Millennials” Inflames A Generation

It’s hard being a millennial. Or so I hear: I was born in 1979, so the life of a millennial is a closed book to me. But rumour has it they must fight against harsh economic circumstances, the anticipation of looming climate catastrophe, and other disasters bequeathed to them by baby boomers who now deride the younger generation for their vanity and shiftlessness. And if that weren’t enough, now board games are making fun of them.

Yes, Hasbro has released a new game called “Monopoly For Millennials”, with the tagline, “Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway”. The game’s box features Uncle Pennybags wearing a participation medal, and gameplay replaces properties with “experiences” like “three-day music festival” and “farmers’ market”.

The Walmart website – which is currently sold out of the game – says Millennial Monopoly came about because “adulting is hard”, making us wonder whether they’re making fun of irritating millennial figures of speech, or just using them. The game follows Hasbro’s other attempts at inter-generational satire, like The Game of Life: Quarter-Life Crisis, where players must pay off a “soul-crushing debt” and deal with dropping their phone in the toilet.

Rather predictably, Monopoly For Millennials has aroused controversy, with many millennials furious that Hasbro, like the Dread Pirate Roberts to Princess Buttercup, is mocking their pain (that’s a reference you won’t get, you ignorant millennials). On Twitter, many of the youthful persuasion have voiced their anger, with sentiments such as “You ruined monopoly” and “@Hasbro literally nobody asked you for monopoly for Millennials”. Although some millennials have embraced the game as a harmless bit of fun.

Whatever your view, the indisputable fact is that Monopoly for Millennials has been selling like hotcakes, indicating that the two things that never go out of style are rapacious capitalism and laughing at young people.

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