Hone Your Gaming Skills in Style with the Cary42 Arcade Console

Love Hulton, a designer known for combing ageless materials with modern technologies, has created one hell of a beauty. The Cart42 Arcade Console juxtaposes history with the future as it inlays a retro-gaming console in a beautiful American walnut attaché.

This console is a big brother of sorts to a previous version, Love Hulton produced last year. The difference? The Cary42 is meant for 2 players. This dynamic machine allows you to enjoy a huge selection of games including Metal Slug, Street Fighter, and Contra. The console comes loaded with 100 classics, but can store up to 10,000 games! That’s what got my blood pumping.

cary 42 - first class arcade gaming

If you’re as excited as we are, you better act quickly. The Cary42 is an absolute gem, produced with pain-staking attention to detail, but comes in an extremely limited capacity. Only 50 have been made, ensuring exclusivity.

If that’s not personal enough, Love Hulten is willing to create custom inlays for purchasers, utilizing genuine pearl on the lid’s surface. Stunt on your friends with a personal design or meaningful quote.

meet the cary42 portable two player arcade console

The Cary42 ships in December, but is now accepting pre-orders. Head over to Love Hulten’s website today, to get your own and start dominating your friends with this retro-gaming masterpiece.

Check it out

r kaid 42 arcade for two

cary 42 is a retro arcade machine in a briefcase

cary 42 is a retro arcade machine in a briefcase open

cary 42 is a retro arcade machine in a briefcase backside

behold the beautiful arcade briefcase

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