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HyperX’s Cloud Alpha Wireless Headset Lasts up to 300 Hours

Ever felt like gaming for precisely 12.5 days non-stop? Well, aside from the obvious health and posture issues that may result, you now can, courtesy of HyperX’s new wireless gaming headset. At CES 2022, the brand cuts the cord from its best-loved accessory, announcing the Cloud Alpha Wireless. Characteristically sleek, powerful and loaded with features, the new headset is everything gamers have come to expect from HyperX, albeit with one major difference – 300 hours of battery life.

Hyperx cloud alpha

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Corded Versions – Image: HyperX

According to HyperX, the Cloud Alpha Wireless’ standout feature “offers the longest-lasting battery in a wireless gaming headset”. Considering no other brand has come close to boasting a timeframe that high, it’s hard to argue, but at the same time, testing it remains a bit of a mystery. As Tom’s Guide rightly points out, peripherals in this category tend to start around 15 hours and max out around 50.

In terms of performance, the Cloud Alpha Wireless follows a similar architecture to its corded counterpart, taking advantage of the brand’s Dual Chamber Technology. Inside, you’ll find HyperX’s 50mm drivers, which offer a slimmer and lighter design than others on the market, while maintaining a certain level of performance demanded by users. Completing the package is a USB dongle, which allows the device to connect wirelessly to your device.

The new HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless will be available in February and is Priced at USD$199.95, making it one of the more affordable high-quality gaming headsets out there. If you do that maths, that’s actually less than a dollar per hour of playtime when fully charged. Not bad value, if you ask us.

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Hyperx cloud alpha wireless 3

Image: HyperX

Hyperx cloud alpha wireless 2

Image: HyperX

Hyperx cloud alpha wireless 1

Image: HyperX

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