IKEA Partners with Unyq on New Gaming Products

With some 2 billion gamers worldwide, it makes sense for a furniture company to look for ways to break into that market segment. That’s what IKEA is doing. Working with UNYQ and Area Academy, IKEA is exploring ways that gaming furnishing can be personalised to meet the needs of the avid gamer.

Marcus Engman Ikea's head design

“We are curious about how home furnishing combined with new technology could improve gaming and life around it,” says Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA Range & Supply. “And we believe that we have just the right collaborators to do this, one that knows all about the needs of gamers and one that knows all about the technologies of personalisation.”

Eythor Bender CEO of UNYQ

UNYQ has risen to the forefront as an in the med tech sector. Noted for creating medical wearables, UNYQ uses digitisation and 3D printing for enhanced functionality. Area Academy uses experience and knowledge from e-sports to work with educational structures in e-sports. “By teaming up with UNYQ, IKEA wishes to learn how you could utilize photometric and 3D scanning in combination with 3D printing to make it possible to personalise products for better ergonomics and a more individualized appearance.

3D printed keyboard arrow keys

Area Academy has the expert knowledge in what it takes in terms of equipment to make a truly great gamer, and to have a greater gaming experience,” explains Engman.

Starting in 2020, gamers will be able to see what the collaboration comes up with. Meanwhile, IKEA will be able to capitalise on a whole new market segment.

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