Jack In with the Lego Tron Legacy Light Bikes

Lego recently revealed its Tron Legacy Light Bike set. The bike matches both the movie and the Lego style, creating an iconic collectible. The light cycle is the perfect size for a minifigure to fit into and to clip onto the bike’s handles. The minifigure will be riding just behind the console of the bike, holding onto the two handlebars. The sides of the bike feature detailing that add to the film accuracy. The wheels have the azure color which matches the base and the power stream that extends from the back of the bike. The cycle can be mounted onto a grid base at two connection points. The Grid also features the black and trans-blue tiles to accentuate the Tron feel.

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The included minifigure is of Sam Flynn and comes complete with the Tron detailing on the chest, legs, and arms. The helmet also has an azure face screen. Sam also carries his power disc on his back, again staying true to the source material.

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This set lives up to the Lego style. The bike and figure have all the details needed to easily identify it for what it is. Is it a perfect replication of the Tron Legacy light cycle? Of course not, but that’s the beauty of the Lego sets. They take iconic characters, items, and sets from movies and reproduce them in their own style. Fans of Tron, Lego, or both will appreciate this great set.

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lego ideas tron legacy light cycles

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lego tron legacy light cycle

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