Jenga Ocean is Made from 100% Recycled Fishing Nets

Bureo has a vision of cleaning the ocean of plastic and using that resource to create skateboards and sunglasses. Now they’re adding board games to the mix with Jenga Ocean. Partnering with Net Positiva, Bureo is making a version of Jenga made entirely from 100 percent recycled fishing nets.

jenga recycled fishing net blocks

Net Positiva is based out of Chile. The program gathers old fishing nets and melts them down into plastic pellets after they have been cleaned and shredded. The pellets from Net Positiva are no different from virgin pellets and can be used for a variety of products. Many companies work with Net Positive, including Pokonobe Associates, the makers of Jenga.

jenga ocean board game from recycled fishing net

Jenga is usually made with wood blocks, but for the Jenga Ocean edition, the playing pieces are all made from the recycled fishing nets that Pokonobe Associates gets from Net Positiva. In addition to being made from recycled fishing nets, each block also features illustrations of sea creatures that can get caught in rogue or “ghost” fishing nets. These ghost nets make up 10 percent of the plastic waste found in the ocean, and they can drift for years. On average, they will entangle 30 to 40 sea creatures—from sharks and turtles, to seals, whales and dolphins—per net. Once caught in the nets, these animals will either starve to death or die of suffocation. Each Jenga game requires the equivalent of 25 square feet of nets—roughly 2.2 pounds of recycled plastic. The game comes with “special edition” rules that are meant to provide background information on where the plastic comes from and the harm it can cause, all with the hope that “players will gain an understanding of how discarded nets are harming marine animal and learn about what they can do.” You can pick up the Jenga Ocean game from Bureo for $49.95 and do your part to help clean up the oceans.

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Jenga Game Is Built from 100% Recycle Fishing Nets

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