Join the Sport Robot Revolution with the Ganker Fighting Robot.

As boxing and cage fighting comes under more and more scrutiny, it seems like it’s only a matter of time we end up with a Reel Steel-style sport in our near future with fighting robots going head to head against each other instead of human beings. And while we wait for that exciting, or terrifying day to come, we can actually already organize our own private fighting robot events with the Ganker Fighting Robots.

sport robot revolution ganker fighting robot

These small robots are incredibly high tech and responsive, as a servo motor is installed in each of their joints, allowing your robot to truly come to life. That means each joint and movement can be controlled by you, allowing the fighting moves you want the robot to make even more precise. The fighting robot is also freakishly fast, allowing it to move in just about any direction, quickly and exactly. With a comprehensive mobile application that you can use from a phone or tablet, just about anyone of any age or skill level can take a side in a robot fight. There is also a sensor or score system on the robot itself, allowing points to be accurately kept throughout the fight to determine who wins.

The Ganker Fighting Robot is the first step towards the sports robot revolution which should excite all of us.

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