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Lego app controlled cat d11 bulldozer 1

LEGO Technics Drops an Insane App-Controlled CAT Bulldozer

Chances are if you were ever a little boy or girl, you were fascinated by big construction equipment—cranes, dump trucks, and bulldozers. Even if you “grew out of” that stage of fascination, there’s still a part of you somewhere that still loves those amazing vehicles. If that describes you, then you can relive that fascination building the new LEGO App-Controlled CAT Bulldozer.

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Lego app controlled cat d11 bulldozer 3

Image: LEGO

The LEGO CAT is a scale model of a D11 bulldozer—the biggest dozer on the market. True to its source material, this is no small build. The 3,854 pieces build a replica that measures 10 inches high, 22 inches long, and 14.5 inches wide. Designed for adults, this is no simple build. It comes in modular sections. It also comes in authentic colours and graphics.

The realistic track element, which was new for October, 2021, can be tightened and loosened to recreate realistic movement. And speaking of movement, not only can your drive and steer this heavy-duty LEGO machine, but you can also raise, lower, and tilt the blade or raise and lower the ripper and ladder. The movement is controlled via the CONTROL+ app, which connects via Bluetooth.

Lego app controlled cat d11 bulldozer

Image: LEGO

The LEGO CAT Bulldozer comes with 2 number 15 motors, 2 large motors, and 1 Smart Hub. It requires six AA batteries. And since this is a Technic set, you don’t have to worry about those little kids in your household wanting to play with this model. All the components in every Technic set are put through rigorous testing and analysis to meet strict global safety standards.

You can purchase the set straight from LEGO or from any authorized dealer for $449.99. You can start building a stable of LEGO construction machines by pairing this Bulldozer with LEGO’s Excavator and the Volvo Articulated Hauler.

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Lego app controlled cat d11 bulldozer 2

Image: LEGO

Lego app controlled cat d11 bulldozer 4

Image: LEGO


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