Lenovo and Disney Team Up for Star Wars Augmented Reality Game

In Berlin, Germany for the IFA tech convention, Man of Many was live for the unveiling of Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, and it looks like Lenovo and Disney are taking the “fiction” out of science fiction. Fans are going crazy about the augmented reality experience, now available for pre-order. The immersive game trains you to become a Jedi, pits you against the likes of Kylo Ren or Darth Vader, and throws you into battle. The icing on the cake? A light saber is included in the package.

fight the dark side in augmented

In essence, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is the kind of augmented reality experience that fanboy dreams are made of, and having tried it first hand it’s an experience that won’t disappoint. The package consists of three components: a Lenovo Mirage AR headset, a Skywalker lightsaber (which doubles as a controller) and a tracking beacon. Sync them with an app on your smartphone and holograms are soon front and centre before your very eyes. Meanwhile, you’re smack dab in the midst of the action.

lenovo star wars augmented reality headset

From the game itself come three unique experiences. One is light sabre battles–that’s where you’ll take on some of the most iconic villains ever created. Another is Holochess, which leaps straight out of New Hope and involves moving holographic alien pieces strategically across the board in pursuit of territory. The third experience has you taking on the role of troop leader for some of the most famous (imaginary) battles of all time like Battle Hoth and Tatooine.

While early reports suggest there are some minor kinks to work out, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is a major step toward the experience most fans have been waiting for. Expect many great things to come from the Lenovo Disney partnership.

Check it out

fight the dark side in reality star wars game

Disclosure: Man of Many travelled to IFA as a guest of Lenovo.

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