Love Hulten Yesterday Vision Retro Console Takes You Back to Gaming’s Origins

Oh those bygone days of yesteryear; back when video games weren’t played on devices that fit into your pocket. Back then, video games were played on TVs that weighed more than your entire family put together. The screens were barely larger than your computer monitor, and curved out away from a large body and a deep bevel.

Graphics were so pixelated that they gave us the word ‘pixelated’. And the games were simple, right to left, level after level.

hulten retro console

Love Hulten is bringing back those days with their Yesterday Vision retro console. The console is built to look like an old school, vacuum tube television. Made in beautiful mahogany, the console has an HDMI 19-inch 4:3 monitor that has been outfitted with a barrel-distortion to mimic the curvature of a CRT monitor. The console uses a Raspberry Pi mini computer to emulate classic games from NES, Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, NeoGeo, and more.

It also has an HDMI port to attach your laptop, Chromecast, and other modern consoles if you want to play newer games. A full-range sound system gives you the soundtrack for your games. As for controllers, you won’t have to go quite so old school. Instead of the wired controller, you can use Yesterday Vision’s Bluetooth enabled controllers (the system comes with four).

Finally, if you want to spring for a bigger version, and if your living arrangements have the space, you can custom order larger versions up to 55 inches. Pricing starts at USD$2799.

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