Build Your Own Pinball Machine With Makerball

You’d think that with all the new technology in gaming, pinball is dead. However, pinball clearly hasn’t lost its lustre. It has been having somewhat of a comeback lately, and it is easy to see why. It is a game for everybody – anyone can play.

If you’re somewhat handy and enjoy doing DIYs, you can build your very own pinball machine to play anytime that you want. Swiss-based startup Make & Play just introduced a custom pinball machine kit called Makerball.

the diy pinball machine kits

All that it takes is a little time and effort to built the Makerball DIY Pinball Machine. It takes just 60 minutes to build—at the most. Once you set up the machine, you can invite a couple of friends to come over for a friendly pinball tournament.

The Makerball pinball machine is made of wood and features a bare playing area. You can change, decorate and expand the game area as you like. The kit comes with varying shapes of wooden obstacles, which you can add to the board by pinning them to the equally spaced perforations on the surface. Also included are rubber elements, metal pieces, copper plates and magnets. There is also a set of pins included, but you can also use thumbtacks if you want.

makerball the diy pinball machine ki

To keep the machine current with the times, you can upgrade it digitally with a microcontroller. There is also a free Make & Play score app available that you can download to your smartphone. This app keeps track of points.

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makerball the diy pinball machine kit animation

pinball machine with makerball parts view

homemade pinball machine instructions

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