MezmoCoin Desk Toy ‘Spins’ up a Storm on Kickstarter

Built for creators, makers and thinkers, MezmoCoin is a precision-machined toy that can spin on any flat surface for longer than 12 minutes. The spiral pattern also creates an impressive optical illusion that appears to be continuously flowing.

MezmoCoin is designed as the perfect desk accessory for keeping focus, relieving stress or providing a simple distraction that doesn’t involve checking social feeds.

The coin even spins silently so that it won’t distract you during work and the flat, compact shape makes it pocket-friendly. The full collection includes three beautiful metals to choose from. They are Brass, Copper and Stainless steel.

As a nice little bonus, each MezmoCoin comes with a black leather sleeve for carrying it in style and protecting the coin from scratches.

Spin the coin with one hand or make it spin super-fast using both hands. With practice, you will achieve longer spinning times. So far, the creators of MezmoCoin have racked up a personal best of 14 minutes and 40 seconds.

Another neat trick is the high-frequency drop where if you spin the coin on its edge atop a glass surface, when it wobbles at high speeds, the coin achieves a unique visual effect and sound. This one may annoy the work colleagues.

kinetic desk toy spinning coin

Following eight successful Kickstarter campaigns delivering 20,000-plus desk toys across the globe, MezmoCoin is just the latest item from this team of designers. The original funding goal of $9000 has been smashed, with the team so far raking in over $225K.

There’s still plenty of time for you to lock-in your own MezmoCoin with prices starting at $29. The MezmoCoin is expected to begin entertaining from September 2019. There’s also a precision-machined stainless steel stand available as an optional extra. It’s perfect for displaying the coin on any desk.

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