Microsoft Project xCloud is Gaming How You Want

The Microsoft Project xCloud aims to free you from the gaming device you use. Currently, gaming experiences are limited by your choice in device. Project xCloud has the mission of providing gamers the freedom to play the content you want on the device you choose, whether that be PC or platform.

Project xCloud uses global game-streaming technology that game developers can use to bring their content to market. Developers can deploy and scale access to their games across all devices with Project xCloud. The project would also liberate gamers from having to have powerful processors to play games, as well as access to downloads—not to mention tons of storage. Gamers worldwide would be able to play console quality games on any device.

Microsoft is banking on their Azure systems. Microsoft has put together blades designed specifically to handle the computing of gaming on the cloud rather than in your device. The result is that you’ll be able to play games on your smart device. That doesn’t necessarily mean that consoles will be relegated to museums and trash bins. They’ll still have their place. This new approach opens up the gaming world to everyone, not just the hardcore gamer. Project xCloud will move gaming into a shared, more communal future.

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