NERF’s Ultra One Motorized Blaster Fires 120 Feet

It may not be a Howitzer, but NERF is still bringing in the heavy artillery with its new Ultra One Motorised Blaster. With the power to shoot a dart up to 120 feet and a drum that holds 25 darts, the Ultra One is available for pre-order now.

NERF Ultra Blaster

NERF has been capitalising on the popularity of Fortnite lately with themed blasters, but its newest blaster is all about power. The previous leader in dart distance was the Elite XD series, which could launch a dart 90 feet. That distance seems pretty meagre when stacked against the 120 feet of the Ultra One. The only problem, however, is that those darts are redesigned, so all that extra ammo you’ve been stockpiling will avail you nothing.

NERF Ultra One Motorized Blaster box

The Wall Street Journal reports that “if the blaster detects an incompatible dart in the drum, it won’t fire and will skip to the next chamber.” The new darts are called Ultra darts and are made of NERF Ultra foam and features a new flight tip and “aerofin” technology. The good news is that the Ultra One comes with 25 darts already, and the new darts aren’t exorbitantly priced (only $9.99 for 20 darts).

You will have to provide your own 4 C batteries, though.

kid playing NERF Ultra One Blaster

The move to a new dart design isn’t just about flight distance, it’s also a move to stave off competitors. With knock-offs being sold for USD$9.99 for 200 darts, Hasbro has seen a drop in its market. The new darts may help Hasbro regain some control.

If this new blaster is on your wish list, you may want to move fast. Hasbro Chief Executive Officer Brian Goldner warned that the company won’t have enough blasters to meet initial demand (hence the pre-order). In a conference call with investors, Goldner shared, “We won’t have enough products to go everywhere at once.”

The blaster sells for USD$49.99 and is available on Amazon.

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