NES Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers Cuts the Wires

Everyone loves the classics, and with the NEX Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers, you can keep the love alive. Maybe the biggest drawbacks to retro gaming are the controllers. Not that they don’t function properly, and not that the feel of the classic controller isn’t part of the allure, but it’s the wires. Being tethered to the console limits the comfort of your gaming style. Fortunately, Nintendo announced that it will be releasing a wireless NES controller for its Switch console, freeing you up to play old school in comfort.

nes wireless switch controller

The controller will be sold in pairs and completely mimics the design of the original Nintendo controllers—with the four-way buttons, A and B, and Select and Start. The bundle will be available for USD$59. The only catch is that apparently you’ll be limited to one purchase and only be able to do that once you have a paid Nintendo Switch Online individual or family membership.

nes wireless switch controllers front side

The controllers will be charged by slotting them into the sides of you Switch. Once you have them, you’ll be able to play the classics that have been announced, (like Solomon’s Key, NES Open Tournament Golf, Super Dodge Ball, Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack and TwinBee), the way they were meant to be played.

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