Nintendo Flex Game Boy Concept Recalls Days Spent Gaming

The original Game Boy came out in April, 1989. The marvel of a handheld console quickly swept over the world, and millions of children, youths, and adults embraced it. Being able to take your games with you had immediate appeal—not to mention having a screen right there in the palm of your hand to play the games on! There was something about the Game Boy—how it felt in your hands; its solid, brick-like quality; its analog sounds—that made it a pivotal piece of equipment growing up in the 1990s.

nintendo with ear piece

Industrial designer YJ Yoon recently shared his idea of an update for the Game Boy. His design recalls the feel of the grip and the action of pushing in and pulling out the cartridge. “I and many other still play with my Game Boy to bring out the nostalgia of my childhood,” confessed Yoon. “Playing with it reminds me of my younger memories. It was the first gaming console that I got as a gift from my father.” Yoon’s design brings back everything we loved about Game Boy, and gives it a modern flair. His design has proven so popular that rumors have already started about Nintendo releasing the design soon. The original feel of the console is still there, but with updates like a curved screen and better speaker placement. The familiar A and B buttons, directional pad, and start/select buttons, are all there. It’s enough to make you hope that it will be produced soon.

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