Nintendo Switch Case Comes Dressed As Mario

It may not be the most fashionable look, but it is still iconic. Mario’s red shirt and denim overalls have been a part of worldwide culture for nearly as long as video games have existed. Nintendo has come a long way since their early days when a pixelated Mario was sporting that outfit, and that progress has led to the Nintendo Switch. Now your Switch can sport the same attire with the Mario Themed Nintendo Switch Case from Haobuy.

Mario Themed Nintendo Switch Case

The red case is dressed up in a bit of denim sewn to look like overalls. Yellow buttons clasp together to hold the overall’s suspenders, which act as additional security for the case. The case itself is made of hard PU to keep your Switch safe. It’s also small and lightweight, measuring 26 x 12 x 4 cm. At such a small size, it’s easy to keep the case in your backpack or other bag. The double zipper design is rust resistant and the whole case is waterproof. A middle padding layer protects your Switch’s screen. There’s also plenty of room for up to 10 games, and mesh pockets can hold Switch accessories like joy-cons, silicone grips, wrist straps, and more.

Mario Themed Nintendo Switch Case inside look

Nintendo fans, and especially fans of Mario, will love this case. Not only does it keep your Switch safe, it also shows the world just how much of a fan you are. But what if red and blue, or Mario, aren’t your favorite? There are other choices, such as the Luigi themed case, which comes in green and blue. You can also opt for two Pikachu designs, or go for the classic black or grey look. Priced at $19.45, you can pick up all of them and have some variety.

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Mario Themed Nintendo Switch Case lock

Mario Themed Nintendo Switch Case fashionable look

Mario Nintendo Switch Case and box