Pass Go and Collect the $250 Monopoly Luxury Edition

For the players who are serious about board game night, the Monopoly Luxury Edition is a must-have. This refined take on the classic property dealing game will continue to deliver squabbles and possibly ruin friendships, but at least you can ruin the night in style!

Crafted from burl-finished wood, the Monopoly Luxury Edition is lined and labelled with gold foil, while the centre rolling area is complemented by faux leather.

One drawer slides open to reveal your premium game money – real bank teller-style, and the other drawer holds the die-cast metal houses, hotels, and player tokens, as well as the faux leather title deed card holder and Chance and Community Chest cards. This stunning game cabinet is finished with die-cast metal drawer pulls and a gold Monopoly plaque.

Monopoly Luxury Edition

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Monopoly Luxury Edition is the superior version of this classic and it deserves to be permanently displayed on a shelf or coffee table between games – as both a constant reminder of your good taste and the ever-increasing number of players bankrupted.

What’s more, the luxury edition will still be playable long after the cardboard boxes of lesser versions have withered away.

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