The Pocket Sprite is a Key-chain Gameboy

The Pocket Sprite is following in Nintendo’s footsteps. With the introduction of the Game Boy, Nintendo revolutionized how we play video games. Finally, we had the potential of a full arcade in the palms of our hands. The Pocket Sprite takes that same potential and put it literally on your fingertips.

pocket sprite review

The Pocket Sprite is a full-featured emulations console that literally fits on your keychain. Don’t believe it? Here are the stats: 55 x 32 x 14 mm. Something that small couldn’t possibly give you a full gaming experience, right? Wrong. The Sprite has a 25 x 22 mm, 96 x 64 px OLED screen cropped to a 5:4 ratio as well as a 13 mm mono speaker. It’s wireless (Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when low on energy). And it’s no slouch. The Sprite runs on an ESP32 with a 240MHz dual-core processor and 520 KB of RAM (the OG Game Boy ran on 4.19MHz and 16 KB of memory).

the pocket sprite is full-featured

Games are played on GNUBoy and SMS Plus emulators, meaning you can play every game from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, and Sega Game Gear platforms. Getting new games is as simple as downloading the desired ROM.

the pocket sprite gaming system

The Pocket Sprite is more than just a gaming system, though. Because it’s open source, anyone can write code or make mods. You can order it completely assembled, or as a kit, so that you can either start playing immediately, or start modding.

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