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Polymega modular gaming console set

Polymega Modular Gaming Console to Add N64 Option

You have a lot of good memories when it comes to those legacy games—not to mention the thousands of hours you spent mastering every level and completing every quest. Who can blame you for wanting to hold onto those gems? But when it comes to having space for all those retro platforms, it can be a bit difficult justifying holding onto all that stuff. The Playmaji empathizes with you, and they have a solution. The Polymega Modular Gaming Console lets you play all of those games on one system, so you can start clearing out space while still being able to play the games you love.

Polymega modular gaming console box

Image: Polymega

The Polymega Modular Gaming Console is a base system that has a slot for CD-based systems like the PS1 and Sega CD. It also features USB ports for add-ons and a series of other modules that offer controller ports as well as game slots for other systems like NES, SNES, Genesis, and TurboGrafx-16.

Using Intel-based hardware and software, the Polymega Modular Gaming Console employs a hybrid emulation solution that lets you relive those golden days of gaming. The system also supports wireless controllers and even upscales the output to 1080p using an HDMI output so you can connect to modern displays. Finally, an onboard memory or installed storage can be used to store your games.

Polymega modular gaming console cd

Image: Polymega

Best of all, the Nintendo N64 is on the way. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Playmaji CEO & Co-Founder Bryan Bernal said that the N64 was their most requested module and while he couldn’t guarantee perfect compatibility with all N64 games, he did promise “it will be at a minimum above 90% working great to near perfect.”

Just like you did for those original systems, you’ll need to save up your spare coin to purchase the Polymega Modular Gaming Console—it doesn’t come cheap. You have to pay out $400 for the console and then an additional $60 for each Element module that you want. But considering how much you invested in those original game, both in terms of money and blood, sweat, and tears, being able to continue playing the games you love is well worth the price.

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Polymega modular gaming console slide

Image: Polymega

Polymega modular gaming console power

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Polymega modular gaming console games

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Polymega modular gaming console closer look

Image: Polymega

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