prada plays beautiful mahjong set

Prada Plays its Hand with a Beautiful Mahjong Set

During the Qing dynasty, a game consisting of different tiles was invented. Mahjong has been around since then, and remains a popular pastime. Commonly played by four players, the game is played with a set of 144 tiles. Each tile has a Chinese character or symbol on it. There are many variations, but basic play involves drawing tiles and playing them until you are able to complete a legal hand using the fourteenth drawn tile to form four melds, or sets. The game is still widely plain throughout Eastern and Southeastern Asia, though it is becoming increasingly popular in the West as well.

prada mahjong set

Prada is stepping into the game with a custom and luxurious Mahjong set. The set comes in a Saffiano leather case with metal Prada lettering adorning the front. The playing pieces are acrylic resin wrapped in Saffiano leather and feature read and white lettering. The set is a part of the Fall/Winter 2018 collection and retails for $3,800.

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prada mahjong box