Razer Introduces Premium Wolverine Ultimate XBox One Controller

Gaming juggernaut Razer just announced a premium Wolverine Ultimate Controller for Xbox One and PC, and we’re stoked. This controller, which is officially licensed and professional quality, allows players to customise the input method to suit individual preferences during play. It includes two interchangeable directional pads and thumbsticks, allowing for both the shape and height to be completely customised. Gamers can choose between tilting and individual designs.

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There are also six extra buttons that consist of four multi-function triggers and multi-function bumpers. The Trigger-Stop and Hair-Trigger Mode allows for rapid fire during play. The rubber grip is ergonomic, providing a secure hold during gameplay. Another cool feature of this controller is the customizable lighting – Razer integrated an RGB light strip, which is capable of displaying more than 16 million colours. This feature allows players to select a variety of unusual colour combinations and hues. There are a variety of animated lighting effects to choose from, including wave, static, breathing and more. Game developers can integrate almost a limitless number of changes to the illumination into the games that they create thanks to Razer’s Chroma SDK.

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Other features include a 3-metre detachable fibre cable, a micro USB connector and a convenient carrying case. The controller also has a 5 mm audio port for microphone input and stereo audio output. The Wolverine is wired by default, but it can support wireless play by simply detaching the included cable. Access to Razer’s Synapse cloud storage is included with the Wolverine. Players can access personal settings from anywhere there is an internet connection.

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