Razer Nommo Chroma Speakers Review – Excellent Sound, Bold Design

When working from the home office, any new tech additions need to fit our chosen décor. The aesthetic is vintage country, with a lot of pine and a lot of faded white. Basically it’s the type of stuff you would find at Early Settler.

In saying that, Razer’s new Nommo Chroma speakers do not fit. Then again, not much technology does, so it’s not fair to criticise based on my or my partner’s design choices, but I can’t imagine a modern office or home scenario where these speakers do work.

Razer’s Nommo Chroma speakers are big, bold and black. Coming in at 220mm high by 140mm wide, these speakers look like two sleek megaphones and dwarf everything on the desk other than the monitor. I’m told that the speakers are designed this way to lift the drivers to ear height, and the cylindrical shape promotes airflow, but I’m still not convinced. Thankfully the sound quality is superb.

razer nommo chroma speakers front side view

You’re looking at a pair of mid-range 2.0 stereo speakers built with 2x 3-inch custom-woven glass-fibre drivers that succeed in delivering a tight sound and high frequencies. The rear-facing bass ports add incredible detail to the games I tried. I was especially impressed with the detailing of the laser fire and explosions of Star Wars Battlefront II.

The right side speaker has volume and bass control knobs, allowing you to fine-tune the output without going into menus and disrupting your on-screen media. When I cranked the volume, games and music remained distortion free. It’s all thanks to the automatic gain control and wide satellite base which ensures the bass scales appropriately and stabilises at higher volumes.

Nommo Chroma can get loud. Far beyond what is required for desktop gaming and went on to successfully fill my home with tunes. From electronic to punk rock and a few subgenres in between, I was genuinely surprised by how well the speakers replicated the music. I wasn’t expecting to hear sound of this calibre from mid-range computer speakers that don’t include a subwoofer.

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razer nommo chroma speakers gaming monitors volume control

On the topic of music playback, it’s disappointing that the speakers don’t have Bluetooth. Razer is toting Nommo Chroma as being perfect for music and movies, but without Bluetooth, they just can’t compete with portable speakers and soundbars. You can connect devices via a 3.5mm audio jack, but that’s not how things are supposed to work in 2018.

You can connect the Nommo speakers to a PC via a separate 3.5mm input, although I recommend USB as it automatically installs the driver software and Chroma for your personalised light displays. Razer’s renowned light show illuminates from the base of the speakers and is guaranteed to have you gaming in the dark. With 16.8 million colour options, there are plenty of distractions to be had with Chroma.

With a price tag of $249, Nommo Chroma is an affordable mid-range speaker. If you’re looking to save some cash, there are also Razer Nommo speakers without the Chroma lighting and USB connection. These will set you back $169. For the ultimate Nommo system, check out the upcoming Nommo Pro 2.1 system with subwoofer and Dolby Surround.

razer nommo chroma speakers side and front view

Razer’s Nommo Chroma speakers are first and foremost gaming speakers. For that purpose, they excel. For movies and music, they are also great, providing you are consuming said media at a desktop. Otherwise, you will opt for another, more convenient Bluetooth-enabled source.

Nommo Chroma looks epic when paired with a Razer monitor, keyboard and mouse, just take a look at the accompanying images. But adding a pair to any old desktop will likely disrupt whatever aesthetic you’ve got going on. A must-have for Razer fans. For everyone else, an acquired taste.

Final thoughts: I love the openng words of the instruction booklet: “Congratulations, there is no turning back…” It’s not entirely accurate when considering Australia’s refund laws, but maybe it’s referring the age-old expression once you go Razer you never go back. If that’s what it means, then they’re probably right. I’m already looking at Razer’s release schedule to find products to review next.

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