Rejoice Retro Gamers, Here’s the Analogue Mega SG Retro Gaming Console

There has been a lot of retro gaming hardware and software released lately, but Analogue’s Mega SG Retro Gaming Console is finally here to round out the field with your favourite Sega classics. Analogue has put together what amounts to a Sega 16-bit console clone capable of a 1080p signal. Best of all, these consoles still work with the original cartridges and controllers. The Mega SG will sell for USD$189.

analogue retro gaming console

Every Mega SG will come with a Master System cartridge adapter, so you’ll not only be able to play Genesis games, but you’ll also be able to revisit your dust-collecting library of 8-bit games as well. Plus, you’ll be able to play Sega CD and Mega CD in the expansion slot on the system’s base. Analogue isn’t stopping there either. They are also planning on releasing $10 cartridge adapters that will allow you to play Game Gear, Sega Cards, and potentially a few other consoles like SG-1000, SC-3000, and the Sega Mark III.

retro gaming console usb port

The really good news about the Mega SG is that it doesn’t run an emulation. Instead, it uses an FPGA processor, which can be reprogrammed to mimic any other processor. So the Mega SG runs just like the original Motorola 68000 or Zilog Z80 used in the original Genesis and Master System.

If you’re missing the world of Sega, get ready to return to your favourites thanks to Analogue’s Mega SG.

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