The Rose Colored Gaming Clear SNES is a Gamer’s Peeping Tom

You’re not going to get arrested for being this kind of a peeping tom. Rose Colored Gaming’s Clear SNES gives you a peak at the inner workings of your SNES.

rose colored gaming clear snes

Rose Colored Gaming is committed to keeping retro gaming alive and active. The company started in 2012 as a couple guys modifying gaming systems in the back room of a house. Today they’ve grown into a studio shop in Cleveland Ohio. They’ve got a lot of plans coming down the pipe, and the release of a clear SNES is just the start.

rose colored gaming cool material

The clear SNES is pretty much what it sounds like—it’s a Super Nintendo Entertainment System that has a clear body. Rose Colored Gaming takes original Nintendo hardware that has extensive exterior damage and then re-outfits the insides with a new body. That means that you’ll have all the original functionality of the system and not the faked up version of an imitation. The clear version consists of laser cut and etched acrylic. That acrylic is bent, drilled, bonded, and threaded. Anodized aluminum hardware is used to assemble the housing. The internal components have also been refinished to give the system a stylish look. As you can imagine, using original internal components from damaged systems means a limited supply, so the Clear SNES will only be released in a limited quantity.

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rose colored gaming clear snes is gamer peeping

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