Sega Genesis Hits 30 with a Mini Commemorative Edition

Sega is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 16-bit Genesis, or, as it’s called in the rest of the world the “Mega Drive,” with a mini version being released in Japan first with releases in the US and other areas later this year.

Given Nintendo’s success with reissuing its classic consoles, it’s no surprise that Sega recently announced its desires to return to the hardware world. The Mega Mini Drive is a part of that new strategy. The mini drive is powered by AtGames. Sega previously partnered with AtGames for their ill-received Sega Genesis Flashback HD. Details don’t abound as of yet on this drive. No word on what games will come on the console has been shared, nor any murmurings on the cost of the console. There haven’t even been whisperings on how it will compare with the extra built-in features that Nintendo included in their NES and Super NES Classic.

The original Genesis surpassed Nintendo’s Super Nintendo sales back in the ’80s, but will history repeat itself with the re-releases of these consoles? Who knows? Serendipity may strike again. The original enjoyed an aggressive marketing campaign that contributed heavily to its success. But without details on what will be included, it’s hard to make a guess on what the outcome will be.

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