Shadow Ghost Will Take Your Gaming to the Next Level

You want the greatest possible gaming experience everytime you play one of your favorite games? Yeah you do, playa. Whether it’s Call of Duty, Overwatch, Fortnite or more, playing with the highest possible settings is the only way to truly immerse yourself in the game, and go to bed knowing you’ve pwned as many n00bs as humanly possible. Enter the Shadow Ghost.

This sleek computer is the successor to the (beloved) Shadow Box, and provides 4k quality visuals to the games that you play, for an immersive and high-speed gaming experience, from Super Mario to Fornite. The Shadow Ghost sports an ethernet connection with USB 2.0 and 3.0 to provide you variety when it comes to connecting your USB devices.

side view ghost mouse

Oh, and did we mention it’s sexy as hell?

Wi-fi and Bluetooth have been integrated into the hardware to give you a hands-free experience–no need for corded microphones when you’re in the heat of the moment during your favorite RPG. Not just minute and handsome, this sleek machine is also energy efficient, and consumes significantly less energy than your average gaming PC.

Every man deserves the best gaming experience possible, and we’re super keen to see more of the Shadow Ghost (unless it’s in the bedroom of some bloke in Romania who’s killing our Fortnite avatar).

Check it out

ghost mouse triangle symbol

shadow mouse hub view

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