These Sphero Mini Tiny Balls Just Dropped

Sphero is the toy that really knows how to roll, and it now comes in miniature form. Just in time for Christmas, the smartphone-controlled tiny magnetic ball is sure to be a massive hit.

While other releases from the Sphero range have been groundbreaking-ly cool, including the BB-9 Star Wars droid and the R2-D2 droid we featured not so long ago, this one is neat because of its size. The Sphero Mini may be simple to look at, but it’s no bigger than a ping pong ball (though you won’t want to be pegging one of these into your beer).

sphero mini is controlled via a smartphone

Sphero Mini is cotrolled via a smartphone, but can also be programmed to recognise facial expressions, with hilarious results. The colour shells are interchangeable and the driving mechanism on the inside features a 6-axis inertia sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, LED lights and Bluetooth LE. It’s compatible with both iOS 10+ and Android 5.0+ devices. It can also be used as a remote to control other games on your device.

The great thing about Sphero toys is that they’re open source, which means kids can learn to code from an early age. This makes Sphero one of the most modern educational toys on the market, and for AU$79.99, we can’t think of a better pressie for the computer-literate kid in your life.

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 the best  on sphero mini

sphero mini looks like a ping-pong ball

   				  sphero mini is the tiny robot ball

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