Spin the New LIMBO Top for Hours at a Time

If you’ve seen the movie Inception, then the LIMBO top might already look familiar. Accordingly, this top spins for so long that you might start to think you’re living inside a dream. Equipped with a self-balancing gyro, LIMBO combines electric power, ABS Plastic, and CNC machining to superb, long-lasting effect. As a result, it spins for over four hours at a time. And when we say over four hours, we mean well over four hours. In fact, LIMBO broke the Guinness World Record when it spun for over 27 hours without breaking stride.

limbo top desk

One flick of the wrist is all it takes to get this baby spinning hypnotically. That’s not magic, rather the power of modern innovation, as LIMBO is bolstered by its electric, self-balancing gyro. The battery-powered top comes in four separate models, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Sold separately is a portable Spin-pad, which delivers a balanced, smooth surface, guaranteeing some steady rotation no matter where you take it.

limbo top spin pad

Included in the standard purchase are a titanium top, a WR mechanism, a standard mechanism, 4 batteries, a USB cable, special key-chain and the LIMBO base. Put it all together and you might very well be breaking Guinness World Records yourself. It’s then no wonder that LIMBO has soared over 1000% past its funding goal on Kickstarter. In other words, this dream is definitely becoming a reality.

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