Spyra One Takes the Water Gun to New Heights

Move over Super Soaker, because a new and improved water gun is blasting its way into reality over on Kickstarter. Dubbed the Spyra One, it’s the world’s first water gun to shoot individual liquid bullets in lieu of a steady stream. Indeed, this is basically the first water gun to simulate the paintball experience, minus the bruising or the need for protective gear. Furthermore, you don’t need to plan your whole day around using it. After all, there’s simply no wrong time for a water fight.

spyra one water gun

True to its modern agenda, the Spyra One touts a futuristic, streamlined design, hits targets up to 7.5 metres away, and holds up to 25 water bullets at a time. The water gun also comes equipped with an integrated pump, which automatically refills and repressurises when the mouth is dipped in water. Along similar lines, your days of pumping to shoot are over, as a special tank delivers full pressure and range for every single shot. Meanwhile, a digital display lets you know how many bullets are left. Indeed, this baby truly has it all. Get in now and you’ll have one in your hands by next year.

Check it out

spyra water gun view

spyra the new one water gun

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