Step Your Game Up with the Hermes Foosball Table

Do you yearn for your formative years in college, when you were flicking your wrists and slotting goals in the back of a dingy, poorly-lit bar, but don’t want to take it back quite that far?

Of all the luxury brands, Hermes has you covered.

hermes foosball table review

Hermes Paris has developed a product of extreme opulence. Made of ornate maple and covered in Swift Calfskin, this foosball table, funny though it may be, is no joke. Elegant jockeys in vivid silk jerseys adorn the leather pitch and are armed and at the ready to assist anyone who grabs their handles.

At regulation height and depth, this table is both functional and aesthetically jaw-dropping. That being said, maybe don’t show this off to “the boys,” in the middle of a sixer, as this table goes for more than US $68,000.

hermes foosball table side view

The enlightened leather work emblemizes the seamless geometry of the table and displays a broad combination of craftsmanship, including; upholstery, saddle-stitching, and hand polishing.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new table for your Friday night keggers, this thing is worth a look.

Check it out

hermes foosball table uncrate

step your game up hermes foosball table

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