Street Fighter II: 30th Anniversary Edition is Prime Vintage Violence

The original Street Fighter landed in arcades 30 years ago, but it was really Street Fighter II that took the gaming world by storm. Indeed, by the early to mid 90s every kid not hooked on Mortal Kombat was mastering Ryu’s moves and shouting “Hadouken!”. With retro gaming now in full swing, Capcom and iam8bit think it’s the perfect time for a comeback. They’ve teamed up to release Street Fighter II: 30th Anniversary Edition, which ships in November. The collectible cartridge went up for pre-order and sold out pretty much right away.

street fighter ii is prime vintage violence

Compatible with all NTSC consoles, Street Fighter II: 30th Anniversary delivers the same incredible gameplay as the original sequel. Meanwhile, an enhanced SNES box design includes foil sheen, embossed texture, spot varnish and a tri-fold cover that unfurls to reveal bonus artwork. That’s joined by the original booklet as well as a new archival cover print and some bonus goodies.

super street fighter ii

Limited to 5500 copies and offered in colours of Ryu Headband Red and Glow-in-the-Dark Blanka Green, Street Fighter II: 30th Anniversary Edition brings the game back with such a vengeance you almost forgot it went away. Oh, and full disclosure: apparently there’s a chance the hardware will catch on fire when you put the cartridge in an SNES console, so be sure to keep an extinguisher close by. Alas, fireballs are so much cooler when they exist strictly within the Street Fighter universe.

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