Super Nt is the Best Way to Play Classic SNES Games

Super Nt is a complete reimagining of what is arguably the greatest video game console of all time – The Super Nintendo, or SNES if you prefer.

Instead of offering a pre-installed selection of the SNES’ best games, the Super Nt plays original Super Nintendo cartridges and is engineered so they run better than ever.

That’s access to over 2200 classic 16-bit titles with total accuracy and zero lag, running at 1080p. Every pixel is razor sharp, producing astounding levels of clarity. It’s designed to emulate the experience of playing a SNES for the first time.

more retro than retro analogue super nt

You can even use your original Super Nintendo controllers if they’re still in working order. Or upgrade to a wireless and lag-free 8Bitdo high-quality retro SN30 controller that offers up to 20 hours of battery life. Also, check out the Retro Receiver which enables you to use PlayStation and wireless Nintendo controllers. There’s currently no word on Xbox controller compatibility.

In 1993, Factor 5 finished developing the complete Super Turrican for SNES which is remembered as one of the run’n’gun greats. Unfortunately, the game had to be cut down by 33% to fit the 4Mbits cartridge. 24 Years later, Super Turrican: Directors Cut is here – exclusively on the Super Nt and included digitally on each system. The original Super Turrican 2 is also included as a bonus.

snes classic vs super nt battle  retro consoles

The Super Nt is here to preserve video game history and gives it the respect it deserves. Super Nt will be available in four colours: Classic, Black, SF and Transparent. Head over to the official website for a full rundown of tech-specs and to pre-order one today. Super Nt retails for USD 189.99 and is expected to ship February 2018.

If you prefer authenticity, the SNES Classic is for you, and this time you can actually find them in store. Also, to celebrate the 3oth anniversary of Street Fighter II, Capcom released a special edition of its iconic fighting game, playable on a SNES and in turn, Super Nt.

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