Supreme Teams with Stern for a Pinball Machine

The Supreme/Stern Pinball Machine has hit the market. This fully functioning and fully sized pinball machine sports the Supreme brand in every possible way from the coloring—Supreme’s red and white—to logos on any flat surface.

If you’re unfamiliar with Supreme, you’re probably not too into the counter-culture. Supreme first opened its doors on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan in April of 1994. It’s founders, staff, and first customers were skaters and artists who brought with them their rebellious natures to influence product choice and style. For over twenty years, Supreme has remained unique, representing each new generation of counter-culture from skaters to punks to hip-hop heads.

supreme stern pinball machine ss 2018

The Stern name may not be one that you recognize either, but you would recognize their pinball games. Stern is one of the last pinball manufacturers in the world. They played a huge role in the development of the video game industry in the 70s, and are now the old pinball arm of Sega. They’re responsible for many of the themed pinball machines out there, like Star Wars, Marvel, AC/DC, Metallica, and Kiss, so it makes sense that they would be responsible for the Supreme pinball machine as well.

No pricing has been announced on the Supreme pinball machine, but if you’re a fan of pinball, you’ll enjoy this game.

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