Take Us Back with My First Console: Sprite Edition 2.0

Last year when Nintendo re-released the SNES and NES consoles, our collective inner-nerd exploded with joy. Now that we have had a chance to relive all of our childhood gaming pleasures, we’ve been looking for another small piece of the past. The Sprite Edition 2.0 console quenches that thirst.

Built after the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, this retro gaming model comes with two controller models and an operational catridge slot. You can even flip open the door on the console and stick in model game cartridges.

Not light on intricacies, this sprite model comes detailed with internal elements and complex controllers, expertly designed to elicit feeling of nostaliga. The tiny sprite-sized console and controllers look just as you remember the old NES system equipment did.

The perfect gift for any nerd or retro-gamer, or an excellent accent piece on your desk at work or bookshelf above your bed, this is one of the coollest gaming replicas to come out in a while.

Check it out

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