The Jet Blaster Modular Dart Gun is the New Base for Nerf Customisation

“The Jet Blaster Ceda Modular Foam Dart Gun looks to be the new base of choice when it comes to customizing a NERF style dart gun. For the average player, a stock NERF gun serves just fine. But when you’re ready to make your NERF artillery more personal, there’s the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is to take an existing NERF gun, tear it apart, and start the painstaking process of stripping down the gun, modifying and customizing, and then reassembling. Or go with the easy way and invest in a Ceda modular Jet Blaster. The Jet Blaster is designed with a two-pin quick-release shell, freeing you from having to have a complete toolbox on your workbench just to disassemble your gun. Simply press the pins to release the shell and you’re already well on your way to customizing your gun.

Even if you’re not into customization, the Jet Blaster gun stands on its own. The breach-loading, pump action gun holds a 12-dart clip. The plunger tube has been improved, boosting performance and durability. And Jet Blaster uses makes all-metal internal parts, extending the life of your blaster. The quick release shield can even be an advantage in the field. The Modular Jet Blaster Ceda is available in red or blue and works with standard foam darts.

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