The Rundown on the New Nintendo Switch Lite

Overnight, Nintendo announced it’s latest foray into handheld gaming with the Nintendo Switch Lite and it’s pretty much exactly as it sounds. Coming in at $200 USD (that’s about $290 dollarydoos down under), the Nintendo Switch Lite seems to be the death of their, now fairly irrelevant, Nintendo 3DS.

Coming in around a $100 less than the OG Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite is set to complement and coexist alongside its big brother. Nintendo America President, Doug Bowser describes the switch as a “compact, lightweight, dedicated gaming device”, and this could prove to be the device’s niche. The slimmed down Switch Lite looks like an on-the-go gaming essential coming with a “slightly” improved battery life – roughly 20%-30% more – due to a more power-efficient chip layout, as well as the lack of additional batteries in the built-in controllers.

Functionally, the smaller iteration of the Switch will operate pretty much exactly the same as its larger predecessor. Whilst having a smaller 5.5-inch touch display, the device still operates at 720p, meaning your original Switch games will play in all glory without any issue.

Coming in either yellow, grey or turquoise, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a really shmick piece of hardware, exactly what you’d expect from a device refresh. There is even a special light grey Pokémon Sword and Shield edition and a Zelda: Link’s Awakening device on the horizon.

When reports began to circulate that Nintendo would be releasing a cheaper Nintendo Switch that didn’t have detachable controllers and didn’t connect to a TV, many were left scratching their heads. What’s the point of a Nintendo Switch that can’t switch? But, we think that there really is a place where the Nintendo Switch Lite can thrive. Much of the appeal of the original Switch was its handheld capability. With the Lite picking up the reins, it leaves room for a more powerful update to the flagship, TV-compatible console.