This Shinola Checkerboard and Backgammon Set is Fit for Kings

Winners play with toys and games. Champions conquer with elite tools. That is exactly what this checkerboard from Shinola is; an elite tool. If you like to play in style and if presentation is just as important to you, as participation, you’ll want to check this out.

game set shinola checkerboard

Shinola’s reversible backgammon and checkers set includes a leather board with personalized embossing. All of the stops were pulled out to craft this deliciously detailed set. From the dice, to the doubling cube, to the hand-poured resin tiles, Shinola considered everything when delivering such a fine product. This set can be enjoyed even while it is still on the shelf with its custom fit black lacquered white oak box that carefully nests the ornate game board and pieces.

shinola checkerboard dice and cube

Now this set isn’t for everyone, and that’s what makes it special. If your game cabinet is overflowing with old Monopoly boards, Trouble and Clue games from your childhood, half complete sets of Risk, puzzle boxes with torn edges, and the sort… don’t throw this in there. It is too pretty an item to sit on a dilapidated shelf. Instead this acts as a piece of art. If your foyer’s coffee table or entryway pedestal is looking for its missing piece to add a splash of class, Shinola can help you there.

Check it out

shinola board

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