This Super NES Controller Nintendo Switch Controller is Flingable

Do you remember those days when you could fling your controller across the room out of frustration when the video game you were playing just wasn’t going right? Sure, you could still give your Nintendo Switch some airtime, but you’re going to regret it. But now you can have that therapeutic moment back, without worrying about breaking the bank to replace your game. Nintendo is releasing new retro wireless Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers.

You have to be a Nintendo Switch Online Member—meaning, you have to be paying the $4 per month or $20 per year subscription fee—but if you are, then you can buy up to four of these retro controllers.

Super Nintendo entertainment system

The controllers look just like you remember them, just without the cord. They sell for UDS$29.99 a piece and come with a USB cord for recharging. Given that the button configuration doesn’t include a joystick or any trigger buttons, you’ll have to keep with the retro theme when it comes to games. But that shouldn’t be a problem as Nintendo Switch Online recently released 20 Super Nintendo games earlier this year.

Super Nintendo in person's hand

Nintendo has been on a bit of a retro kick of late, leveraging some of their older content to drum up more business. Last year, the video gaming company released replicas of the original Nintendo Entertainment System controllers along with NES games on Nintendo Switch Online. They also released miniature replicas of both the Super Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment Systems prior to that.

With so much demand out there for content but also for nostalgia, it makes sense for Nintendo to cash in. The best news about all of this, however, is the freedom to fling away with impunity.

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Super Nintendo in box