Tiffany Rebuilds Childhood with Sterling Silver Building Blocks

Who didn’t love LEGOs as a kid? Those little blocks of plastic with studs on the top captivated us for hours, allowing us to build whatever our imaginations could dream up. You may have outgrown the plastic blocks, but have you outgrown the love of building and imagination? Sure, we might be secure enough in ourselves to not worry if we’re caught playing with LEGOs, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a more elegant, adult version?

Jewellers of repute Tiffany and Co. has found an answer to that question. Tiffany’s Sterling Silver Building Blocks invoke that childhood love, and they do so in a stylish and elegant way. The blocks are made of sterling silver and American walnut. Each block is numbered and lettered. The blocks come in a set of ten—three square sterling silver and American walnut pieces measuring 0.62 inches, three rectangles measuring 0.93 x 0.62 inches, three rectangles measuring 1.55 x 0.62 inches, and one solid sterling silver rectangle measuring 1.55 x 0.62 inches.

These boujee Lego pieces can also be customized with a monogram (standard engraving of three letters per item, or hand engraving of up to three letters). Tiffany also offers a personalization option as well (you’ll have to call to find out what they can do).

Get back to your childhood whilst keeping your adult dignity intact with Tiffany Sterling Silver Building Blocks.

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