TobyRich Smartplane Pro Drone Gives You the Sensation of Flight

Video games strive to be fully immersive, providing you the most realistic experience possible, but even with the advent of virtual reality, they’re still just emulations of reality. TobyRich has developed the world’s first app-controlled, stunt and racing drone that can be flown with first-person view.

smartplane pro drone tobyrich fan

Flying a TobyRich drone is simple and intuitive. You can customise flight controls to your preferences and comes with two control modes: tilt and joystick. The included joystick turns your smartphone into a gamepad. The drones also come preprogrammed with plenty of stunts, including looping, hovering, helicopter mode, and more. With just a simple motion on your smartphone, you can initiate any of the drone’s stunts. The drones have a 12-minute battery life, but the batteries are interchangeable for added fun. As for range, the drones can be controlled up to at least 330 feet.

tobyrich smartplane pro drone box

The TobyRich Smartplane Pro Drone is a great beginner’s plane. Made of ultra-durable DURINUM material, it can take any crash and keep going, especially with its carbon fibre reinforcement. The app is compatible with iOS (iPhone 5s or newer) and Android (4.4 or higher).

Used with a set of FPV goggles, you can experience what it would be like to be in the cockpit of this little plane.

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