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Top Video Games and Release Dates for February 2022

It’s time we talk about the new games launching in February and express disbelief that we’re already into the second month of 2022. So how are those new year’s resolutions going? Moving on, Feb is a huge month as many delayed titles finally see the light of day. We’re talking Dying Light 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring and Crossfire X, all of which had release dates pushed back. We can finally get our hands on these hotly anticipated games within the next few weeks.

We’re also keen to check out the brutal martial arts game Sifu with its unique aging twist and the colourful, charming indie skateboarder OlliOlli World. You can find all of these games plus a rundown of everything launching just below in our top video games of February 2022 list.

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1. Dying Light 2 Stay Human

More than 20 years after humanity fell to a deadly virus, one of the last remaining settlements is nearing defeat. Torn by conflict from both inside the walls and out, the future of The City now rests in your hands.

In Dying Light 2, you are a wanderer with an impressive skill set. Explore a vast, multi-layered open world spanning multiple diverse locations. Take advantage of parkour skills to traverse the landscape and use brutal combat to tip the scales against the monsters that plague this post-apocalyptic world. Clever thinking, traps and creative weapons will be your best friends.

Play solo or co-op with friends, and expect upwards of 500 hours of playtime if you want to see and do everything Dying Light 2 has on offer. But wherever the action takes you, the most important thing you can do is stay human.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox
Release date: February 4

2. Horizon Forbidden West

Return to the far-future, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon and rejoin Aloy as she braves all-new landscapes of the Forbidden West. Vicious storms and an unstoppable blight ravage the scattered remnants of humanity while fearsome new machines prowl their borders. It’s up to you to uncover the secrets behind these threats and restore balance to your troubled world.

Along the way, you’ll reunite with familiar characters, forge alliances with warring factions and unravel more information about the ancient past – all the while trying to stay ahead of a seemingly undefeatable new enemy.

Horizon Forbidden West gives players exotic locals to explore and new awe-inspiring machines to encounter. It’s not long until we have another AAA PlayStation 5 exclusive in our hands.

Platforms: PS5, PS4
Release date: February 18

3. Elden Ring

From the makers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne comes Elden Ring, a dark fantasy RPG set within a world full of mystery and peril. George RR Martin helped shape this fantastical world where The Golden Order is broken and The Lands Between are at war. As the hero, you must rise, tarnished, and defeat the demigods threatening the land, all while claiming the power of the Elden Ring for yourself.

Elden Ring features vast, fantastical landscapes and shadowy, complex dungeons. Players can traverse the world on foot or horseback, alone or online with friends. In typical FromSoftware fashion, you will face off against larger than life enemies and die many times along the way.

Create a character from scratch, experiment with a wide variety of weapons, magical abilities, and skills. Then, charge into battle, pick off enemies using stealth, or call allies for aid. Many tools are at your disposal as you decide how to approach the world of Elden Ring.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox
Release date: February 25

4. Sifu

Kung Fu is a path for the body and the mind. It takes a lifetime to master, and in Sifu, you have just that to get it right. Sifu is a stylish, gritty beat-’em-up with a complex, visceral martial arts system at your disposal. Featuring contemporary urban settings, you will face off against foes across gang-ridden hideouts, nightclubs and the cold corridors of corporate towers.

You’re on the hunt for those who murdered your family. Mastering the technical combat will help you defeat your enemies, but there’s a high cost for failure – aging. Every time you die, your character ages a few years. So preserve your family’s legacy and seek revenge before time runs out!

Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4
Release date: February 8

5. Crossfire X

Crossfire is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter making waves in Asia for a few years now. This month, Xbox owners across the globe can finally see what all the fuss is about and experience the brand new campaign to boot!

Crossfire X takes the popular PC shooter, expanding it for consoles and giving players an experience that borrows elements from Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. Drop-in and join a squad for a series of classic and innovative game types as rival mercenary groups Global Risk and Black List.

CrossfireX also features a unique story from both sides of the conflict. The campaign is developed by Remedy, best known for their games Control, Max Payne and the cult classic Alan Wake. Expect stunning graphics, cinematic gameplay and plenty of gunplay when Crossfire X finally launches this month.

Platforms: Xbox
Release date: February 10

6. OlliOlli World

OlliOlli World is a bold new skateboarding action-platformer that’s bursting with personality and it completes our top video games for the month. Skate across a lush utopia filled with eccentric characters and vibrant locations. Flip, grind and kick your way through missions and challenges on your quest to discover the mystical skate gods.

OllOlli World is the third entry in this renowned indie series, changing the look and feel while retaining the technician skating that made the previous games so good. On your journey to skating greatness, you’ll be unlocking rewards and customising your character to suit your personality. And after the credits roll on the campaign, skate the near-limitless selection of unique levels in sandbox mode and compete against friends from across the globe.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch
Release date: February 8

February 2022 Video Game Release Dates

  • Life is Strange Remastered Collection (PC, PS4, XB1, Switch) – February 1
  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1) – February 4
  • OlliOlli World (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1, Switch) – February 8
  • Rumbleverse (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1) – February 8
  • Sifu (PC, PS5, PS4) – February 8
  • Crossfire X (XSX/S, XB) – February 10
  • Edge of Eternity (PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1) – February 10
  • Out There: Oceans of Time (PC) – February 10
  • Lost Ark (PC) – February 12
  • Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1, Switch) – February 15
  • King of Fighters 15 (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1) – February 17
  • Total War: Warhammer 3 (PC) – February 17
  • Horizon Forbidden West (PS5, PS4) – February 18
  • Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1) – February 22
  • Ghosts (PC, PS4, XB1, Switch) – February 22
  • Edge of Eternity (Switch) – February 23
  • Martha is Death (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1) – February 24
  • Elden Ring (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1) – February 25
  • Grid Legends (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1) – February 25
  • Evil Dead: The Game (PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1, Switch) – February TBA
  • Final Fantasy 6 pixel remaster (PC) – February TBA
  • Shredders (XSX/S) – February TBA
  • Unbound: Worlds Apart (PS5, PS4, XSX/S, XB1, Switch) – February TBA

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General FAQ

What games are coming out in February 2022?

Our six most anticipated games coming out in February 2022 are Dying Light 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, Sifu, OlliOlli World and Crossfire X. There are dozens of exciting new titles, and so should be something for everyone.

Is Dying Light 2 Co-op?

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has four-player online co-op like the original game. You can earn items and progression in co-op, which carry over to the single-player game. This should be helpful considering that around 500 hours are required if you wish to see everything on offer, even though the story is only 20 or so hours long.

Is Stalker 2 delayed?

Unfortunately, the long-awaited Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl was recently delayed to December 8, 2022. This pushes the release date back seven months, with the developer GSC Game World stating that additional polish and testing are required to fulfil the team’s vision for the sequel.


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