A Toy that Boosts Your STEM Knowledge – Force Flyers DIY LEGO Drone

What do you get that genius niece, nephew, or friend’s kid? Better yet, what do you get yourself that will also teach you engineering and technology principles? You could always do the sad, old chemistry sets. Or, you could pick up a Force Flyer DIY LEGO Drone.

Force Flyers use building blocks that are compatible with all the major building block brands to allow you to create your own design. You can create a flying or driving machine using the Force Flyers. Made of crash-resistant ABS plastic, the Force Flyer platform is perfect for indoor our outdoor fun. It comes with a USB charging cable, controller, and spare parts. It’s six-axis gyro for auto flight stabilization and digital proportional control, making a usable by the novice and challenging for the experienced. It has a flight time of 10-12 minutes, a range of 50-75 meters, and a recharge time of about 60 minutes.

force flyers diy building block fly drive drone

Not only is the Force Flyer a build challenge, it’s also a tool to help teach physics. You can use this toy to learn or teach things like aerodynamics or weight distribution.

Challenge that genius relative, or catch up with them yourself, with a toy that delivers both education and fun.

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