Track Your Sleep and Catch Them All with Pokemon Sleep App

Now you can eat, breathe, and sleep Pokemon—well, sleep at least. The Pokemon Company is developing a new game app called “Pokemon Sleep” that aims to turn sleep into entertainment. The app is smartphone based, and will collect data on how long a Pokemon player sleeps, as well as what time that player wakes up.

“After walking, we decided to focus on the act of sleeping,” Pokemon Company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara said, referencing the success of the popular mobile hit Pokemon Go. “Everyone spends a large part of their life sleeping, and turning that into entertainment is our next challenge at Pokemon.”

Nintendo also announced a sleep-tracking device that pairs with the app. Called the Pokemon Go Plus +, the device uses an accelerometer to track your sleep and then sends that data to your phone through Bluetooth. The data gathered impacts your game play experience.

Pokemon is teaming up with Select Button, the team behind Pokemon: Magikarp Jump. Pokemon Sleep is slated for release in 2020 and was announced in conjunction with a follow-up to Pokemon: Detective Pikachu as well as a service called Pokemon Home, which will allow you to access all your Pokemon content regardless of how you play.

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