Traxxas Conquers Any Terrain with the E-Revo RC

The Traxxas E-Revo RC won’t be slowing down for anyone or anything. E-Revo took the RC world by storm with its innovative technology and ridiculous speed. Traxxas has added to that already proven platform, going from a beast to a monster.

traxxas e revo brushless rc car

The newest generation of the E-Revo has an improved driveline, inspired by the X-Maxx—and it’s needed. This RC uses a VXL-6s power system. Without the improved driveline, you’d be burning through transmissions on a regular basis. As is, this RC allows you to rip harder, climb steeper, and jump higher. The performance is so powerful that you can reach speeds of over 70 miles per hour.

the newest generation of the e-revo

If an RC that can hit 70 isn’t impressive enough, the E-Revo also has a self-righting feature. In most instances, you can simply push a button and the E-Revo will flip back onto its wheels—no chasing down the car to turn it back over. Just push a button and you’re back in the race.

traxxas e revo brushless

This new generation also features stronger low-CG chassis and improved suspension. The actuation as also been increased and the built-in spring rate allows for independent change adjustments. The 4-gear differentials are also larger and made of over twice as much steel for greater durability. The 8mm hardened steel output shafts ride on oversized sealed bearings. Plus, the whole thing is bigger—from body to wheels. All this means that you’ll be outperforming and outlasting any competition.

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traxxas e revo 2018

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