Unlock a ‘Swoopy Boi’ in Call of Duty at 31 KillStreaks

What’s the greatest problem with video games today?

If you said, “Not enough magpies”, you are correct! But there’s at least one game that is willing to recognise its mistakes and work to address them. That game, naturally enough, is Call of Duty.

The Call of Duty franchise has thrilled millions with its viscerally realistic recreations of warfare, and less realistic recreations of zombies. But up till now, those seeking magpie content in the games have been sorely disappointed.

Not any more, baby!

Through its local Twitter account, Call of Duty has announced the introduction of the Swoopy Boi upgrade, which will allow players, when they hit 31 killstreaks, to launch devastating magpie attacks on their enemies.

It’s a long overdue move to include nature’s deadliest weapon in the CoD experience, and gamers have already responded enthusiastically, with comments including “This will save Modern Warfare” and “this better not be a joke”.

Indeed, if it is a joke, it’s a particularly cruel one, because Swoopy Boi is the boi every gamer has been waiting on for decades. And with any luck, it’ll be included in every game to come on the market from now on.